This week's top news

This week was full with beauty events and trends. We have chosen the most interesting of the week’s news and are ready to share with you.

Let’s start with the news about the new face of the fragrance Chanel No.5. And it is actress Marion Cotillard. Chanel commented that the actress “brings its unique elegance to the image of the cult fragrance No.5”. 

Previously, Chanel No.5 was presented by Nicole Kidman, Catherine Deneuve and Suzy Parker.

Trends have also been updated in the nail industry. So, at the peak of popularity there will be a chipped manicure that will add grunge notes to your look. Now you can not be afraid of a damaged nail polish!

The trend began at the show of the Khaite American brand fw 2020/21. Models defiled with a clutch in their hands and attracted attention with a black chipped manicure.

Jin Song Choi claims that imperfect manicure complements the image of a “cool New York girl” with a rebellious spirit and a love of grunge.

In addition, the number of people who like this trend just rolls over on Instagram! #chippednails #chippednailpolish

Makeup industry is not far behind in introducing new trends.

For example, pencils for lips, as in the 90s, come back.

After many years of oblivion, the lip liner — the one that keeps your favorite lipstick out of control — is again in the spotlight. Not a few world stars are already following this beauty trend. Therefore, we suggest you feel free to experiment with colours and create your own mood!

The last one on our week’s news list was the news about shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian’s figure. Designers created shorts with the effect of rounded buttocks, just like Kim has. The implementation of the project lasted about two years. During this time, designers created a 3D model. As a result, they got shorts weighing 3 kg.

In the future, the creation is planned to be mass produced and such shorts will cost $450-600. By the way, creator Beate Karlsson has already demonstrated the first model at a party at New York Fashion Week.

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