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Tool disinfection rules for nail artists

A sterile manicure tool is key to the health of the nail artist and clients. Both beginners and experienced artists of beauty salons should remember it. Safe manicure begins with hand treatment with an antiseptic and is performed with sterile instruments. The procedure of tools handling is carried out in three stages: disinfection, mechanical cleaning and sterilization. Let’s consider the features of each in detail.

Aseptic rules for nail artists

Aseptic treatment of tools for a manicure is performed in 4 stages.

Disinfection is combined with pre-sterilization cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

When using an ultrasonic bath it is possible to combine disinfection and cleaning in one step. Remove the tool tray from the tub and fill it with water. Note, the water temperature must be at least 18 °C! Prepare the suspension based on 10 ml. of product and 1 litre of water. That is, the suspension should contain 1% of the disinfectant. You can use a measuring cup or a simple syringe for dispensing. 

Add the tools to the tray and place it in the tub. The tools must be completely covered with a disinfectant liquid. Switch on the ultrasonic bath for 15 minutes. After the cleaning cycle, remove the tool tray from the tub and proceed to the second step.

Washing with water and drying.

After ultrasonic treatment, the tools should be washed with clean water and thoroughly dried. Then examine the tools carefully. They should have no traces of blood, skin residue and other contaminants, scratches and chips.


Put the tools in self-adhesive kraft bags and seal them. Sterilize tools in a heat-proof cabinet at 180 °C for 1 hour. Do not exceed the specified temperature and holding time! Even a brief temperature rise above 180 °C can reduce the condition of the tools, and they will lose their value. 

Keep the sterilized tools in kraft bags until it is used again. It is recommended to store in an ultraviolet box, or, in the absence of it, in tight boxes. In a sealed craft package, the tools retain sterility for up to 30 days.

The essence of all stages of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of the manicure tools is reduced to only one – HEALTH OF THE NAIL ARTIST AND THE CLIENT! The nail artist and client are transmitted viral and infectious diseases – “gifts” in the form of hepatitis B, HIV, herpes and other equally terrible diseases.

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