TOP-5 anti-age care facts that will surprise you

Skin withering is an inevitable process. Everyone has different genetics, and we all age differently. Some suffer from wrinkles and dull complexion, others experience pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.

Unfortunately, there is no universal anti-ageing remedy that can overcome all the problems at once. It is not necessary to sweep off from shelves all products with anti-age mark too. In our new article, a selection of rare facts about anti-age.

Fact №1: Sun damage in 20 years affects the skin in 40 years

Visible signs of sun damage may not be so severe at an early age but may appear later in the form of dark spots, fine lines, flabby skin, bumps and even quite deep wrinkles. Therefore, it is vital to use a product that has a broad-spectrum SPF throughout the year. Apply it on the face and neck every day, regardless of the weather forecast.

Fact №2: Effective anti-age cosmetics is not organic

Organic cosmetics are now adored. It is at the peak of fashion because it is as natural as possible. But what is natural is not always universal. Organic remedies, of course, have a beneficial effect on the skin. But if you add peptides and hyaluronic acid, the result will be much better.

Fact №3: It is not necessary to change brands so that the skin does not get used to it

If your favourite treatment has stopped working, there is no reason to throw it in the trash. Most likely, there are some changes in the body: hormonal disorders, colds, etc. During this period, stop using cosmetics for a few days, visit a therapist and endocrinologist.

Fact №4: Any cream is rejuvenating

If you do not take care of your skin at the age of 25, but it still looks young, do not think it will be the same in a couple of years. With the hectic pace of life that many women now lead, it is impossible to maintain beautiful and fresh looking skin without care.

Fact №5: Not only radical measures are effective in combating ageing

It all depends on the goals and preferences of the person. Of course, in 40-50 years, when ptosis, lacrimal furrows, deep wrinkles appear on the face, it is wise to think about thread lifting or laser techniques to correct imperfections. But, again, everything is individual and depends on both the genetic characteristics of the person and the professionalism of the doctor.

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