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TOP-5 beauty trends to follow in 2020

The Fashion Week shows are becoming a starting point for trendsetters for the coming year, and this applies not only to the fashion but also to the beauty spheres. We have decided to analyze the TOP-5 global beauty trends, which, according to experts, will be the first in the 2020 trend list.

Bleaching brows

The first and most ambiguous trend of our selection is the discoloured or almost imperceptible eyebrows, which immediately highlight the eye area and make it the centre of attention. So if you are going to follow this trend, you will still need to emphasize your eyes with mascara, eyeliner or shadows.

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Spider legs eyelashes

Beauty brands and models are showing another steady trend – “heavy” eyelash volume. And if Twiggy’s, for example, eyelashes in the pictures, despite the impressive volume, look neat, as if sculpted by the sculptor, this year the effect of the mascara stuck on the eyelashes will be relevant. This is difficult to apply to commercial, casual makeup, but for experimenters, models, and makeup artists, it is just that.

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Cat-eye wings

Sophie Loren presented this trend to the world. The actress made the look even more expressive and revealing with the help of cat-eye wings, which became one of the main makeup associations with the era of the ‘60s. It took at least an hour to create such eye wings, layering pencil, liquid eyeliner and shadows. But with modern liners and brushes, fashion makeup will take about 10 minutes. If you want to repeat Sophie Loren’s graphic arrows, circle the lower eyelid with a pencil, emphasize the upper contour of the eyelashes with the same liner, and bring the long arrow toward the temple. Outline the crease of the eyelid with the eye shadows. Voila! Makeup is ready.

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Dark lip contour

The 90s are coming back! Remember most girls applied their lip pencils a ton of darker lipstick before? The stars also sinned. After a few dozen years, celebrities decided to remember past times. Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and the stars of the “Euphoria” TV-show use the lip pencil.

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Watercolour shadows

Pastel shades introduced another model and symbol of the 60’s era. The girl appeared with pastel-blue eye makeup on the VOGUE cover in 1965. Bright “watercolour” eye makeup caused a stir in those years and returned to fashion in late 2019. And thanks to a large number of shades of bright and pastel shades, such makeup will be relevant in the 2020 year.

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