TOP-5 best beauty products in sticks

More and more cosmetics are released in a convenient stick form: tonal bases, facial masks and creams, eye shadow, body lotions and even hair gels. And this is understandable, because the shape of the stick is convenient, especially on the road. Read in the new article about stick products that GoBeauty recommends.

Double Wear Nude, Estée Lauder

It differs from classic sticks by design and texture. The fact that European women are more accustomed to the effect of matte skin, they do not always understand the satin glitter and glow of Korean cushions. That is why many companies adapt their products, and Estée Lauder‘s cushion is just the case. The product has a dense and pigmented tone that suits girls who need to entirely correct imperfections. The device in one layer overlaps the bruises, freckles and extended pores. On the face, it does not look matte, but rather slightly velvety, but during the day it keeps the appearance of fatness well. Bonus – the cushion nozzle can be removed to wash.

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Master Contour V-Shape Contouring Duo, Maybelline New York

Ideal product for natural contouring, since it has a creamy texture. This stick is very convenient: with the dark side, you can emphasise the cheekbones, and the light one will replace your highlighter. We put on the protruding parts of the face. If you are a fan of nude makeup, try using this pencil without a tonal base.

Lancôme tonal base in a stick

A full tone that is suitable for overlapping imperfections, and for an ideally smooth evening or studio makeup. The finish comes out powdery, so there’s no need to fix it. The product does not have any oils and aromas, and it is suitable for sensitive skin. You can process all face or some of its zones.

Olay clay mask in a stick

One of the most amazing products on the beauty market. No longer you need to mess your hands in the clay and spend a lot of time applying masks. The format of the stick has solved all the questions – it is enough to spend a couple of times in problem areas, leave the cover for 10 minutes and wash it. White clay and coal in the composition cleanse the pores from dirt and maturation of the skin. The product will appeal to anyone with fat or combined skin.

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ILIA Multi-Stick

This multifunctional product is a must-have for those who respect organic makeup. ILIA brand is very proud of the purity of its cosmetics ingredients. And in this stick shades are well thought out. Pay attention to the At Last dusty pink and the Cheek to Cheek red-brown. According to reviews, all the sticks are right on the eyes, on the cheeks and on the lips, and the contents of vitamin E and Shi oil indicates that the remedy will provide extra care to the skin.

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