TOP-5 cool haircuts for the long hair

In pursuit of flawless appearance, new look and individual style, we are ready to sacrifice a lot: comfort, money, sometimes, only not the length of the hair. However, girls with long hair also want to look trendy. Which haircuts will be relevant this season? GoBeauty learned a lot about it, read below.


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It will help to freshen the look without radical changes. Smooth change and different lengths of curls make the hair look stylish and unusual. For long and tired hair or very thin and weak strands, such haircuts are “salvation”. They allow you to give a hair volume and make them look stylish and beautiful. This also refers to curly hair, which can best be done with grading. It will make the curls more obedient to make it easier to create a stylish layout.

Haircuts with different types of bangs

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One of the top solutions in 2019-2020. Straight, long, ultra short, torn, on the side or on two sides – there are a lot of examples of how to perform fashionable bangs in a modern haircut of long hair. The straight bangs look great and allow you to hide your forehead and give the appearance of a new look, making long-haired girls unrecognisable. Want to stand out in the crowd? Choose ultra-short bangs in tandem with fashionable hair dyeing.

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One of the main trends that have not lost its position for several seasons. Regardless of length, when choosing asymmetrical hairstyles, you can stand out and let yourself be bright. Traditional hairstyles precisely because of asymmetry always look different, but you can use it freely and create your hairstyle in your favourite manner. For courageous girls, stylists offered this season extraordinary hairstyles for long hair with shaved temples. Such “detail” does not seem to be boring or predictable.

Haircut with a smooth cut

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This is one of the most wanted hairstyles for long hair in 2019, and it is not surprising, because it has several advantages: it makes the hair more dense and heavy, visually adding length. The thin hair looks well-groomed and thick on the tips. This is a stylish classic, which is still trendy and relevant to women of all ages.

Shag haircut

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The chip of this hairstyle is that it has chaotic strands of varying lengths, making it an excellent volume that is needed for girls with thin hair. How is the slovenly effect created? A trendy hairstyle, which came to us from the ’70s, should be multi-level and slightly asymmetric. Due to the strands of different lengths, beautiful wavy curls are created. As a result, it resembles a cascading effect.

Do not know what kind of haircut will be suitable for your face? Ask a hairdresser-stylist for advice. The professional will reveal the secrets and the subtleties of each and all-new haircuts and will help you choose the perfect option.

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