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TOP-5 most popular fashion bloggers and influencers

In the last couple of years, everyone began to notice that the first rows of fashion shows are occupied not only by stars and famous people but also by bloggers. Now bloggers have taken very influential positions. Their opinion is listened to by young people and the majority of progressive society. They are opinion leaders in many areas. They are also called influencers. Today we will talk about opinion leaders in the fashion industry. Many brands cooperate with bloggers, create collaborations and simply advertise their products through bloggers and social networks.


AIMEE SONG, Song of Style

Instagram @songofstyle
YouTube Song of style

Aimee Song has her own personal blog, a popular Instagram account and YouTube channel. The girl lives in Los Angeles and is engaged in interior design. She attracts people with street-style photos and stylish looks. She has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and 300 thousand followers on YouTube.

WENDY NGUYEN, Wendy’s Lookbook

Instagram @wendyslookbook
YouTube Wendy’s Lookbook

This girl also lives in Los Angeles. She also shoots videos for the YouTube channel, leads her Instagram account and writes on her personal blog. Her YouTube video  “25 ways to tie a scarf” gained 29 million views. And on Instagram, she has more than 1 million subscribers. But blogging and personal pages are not the main activity. As Wendy writes in the description of her Instagram account, she is a lawyer.

SUSANNA LAU, Style Bubble

Instagram @susiebubble

Suzannа is one of the most influential bloggers in the fashion industry. She has her blog and Instagram. But she is also known as an author in the Elle UK and Business of Fashion editions. The most famous fashion houses of the world invite her to their shows and she necessarily takes place in the first row.


Instagram @thejobrien
YouTube Jordan O`Brien

Not all fashion bloggers are girls. There are also men among the influenza fans of the fashion world. TheGentlemansCove blog author is Jordan O’Brien. He is 22 years old and lives in San Francisco. Jordan consecrates the classic male style with elements of modern trends. He has more than 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube channel. He makes a video of all the details of men’s style, accessories, haircuts and clothes.


Instagram @chiaraferragni
YouTube chiaraferragni

Now Chiara has more than 16 million subscribers. 130,000 people watch her videos on YouTube. Chiara is loved for impeccable style and photos. She shots for magazine covers and collaborates with brands. But she did not stop blogging only. The girl has created her own line of accessories and plans to open her boutique in Milan.

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