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TOP-5 perfume fragrances for summer

Each season dictates its own rules in clothing, makeup and hairstyle. Perfume is not an exception. Cosmetologists recommend not to overload skin with makeup in summer. This rule can also be applied to fragrances of summer perfume – it should be easy, otherwise, under the influence of heat, will become obtrusive and can cause irritation and even a headache.

What fragrances should be avoided in summer:
– oriental – vanilla, cinnamon, amber, incense, Tonka beans;
– wood – sandalwood;
– gourmet – caramel, chocolate, coffee;
– deep floral – lilac, mimosa, ylang-ylang.
Separately, it is necessary to allocate bergamot – fragrances with the maintenance of a bergamot oil can cause the occurrence of pigmentary stains on the sun.
Summer compositions should not contain alcohol – with heat, it “increases” the flavour.
Spraying of perfume or toilet water should be moderate, better by point – on the wrists and the inside of the elbow, under the knee. The best option is to apply perfume on clothes or damp hair – so you will avoid a possible allergic reaction during the heat. In a strong heat or when you’re going to the beach, it is better not to use perfume at all. It will be sufficient to apply antiperspirant with a slight unobtrusive odour.

What summer fragrance should be

On a hot summer day, coolness and freshness are wanted. Such flavours are associated with citrus, fruits, flowers, greens, sea breezes. Ideal for summer are fragrances with light notes:
– citrus (lime, lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit);
– fruit (watermelon, peach, apple, grapes, papaya, black currant);
– flowers (iris, magnolia, jasmine, silk acacia, peony);
– green herbs and plants (sage, rosemary, vetiver, patchouli, mint, juniper, pine, leaves violet, figs, cucumber);
– freshness (sea salt, algae, moss, water lotus, musk, honeysuckle).

TOP-5 perfumes for summer

Perfumery every year gives us a new combination of light and fresh flavours. In recent years, the most sold, and therefore loved, these easy summer compositions:
– L’eau Kenzo Pour Femme Aquadisiac от Kenzo – with notes of mandarin, pear and jasmine;
– Salvatore Ferragamo Emozione Dolce Fiore – a bouquet of iris, damask rose and white peach;
– Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani – a combination of lemon, mint jasmine and peony;
-“Fiji Lotus ” by The Body Shop – interlacing notes of mandarin, water lotus and rose;
– Jo Malone Nashi Blossom – fruit notes of pear and apple.

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