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TOP-7 celebrities in funny outfits

The stars of the show business are constantly inventing something to attract attention. They seem to compete, whose look is most memorable on parties. Most often women are allocated. Their looks are similar to artworks but sometimes more to the works of contemporary art which look pretty funny. But sometimes celebrities are very funny dressed even in everyday life. Today, in honour of a fun holiday of April 1, we picked the top 7 stars that were remembered by their humorous looks.

Every year in New York the Institute costume Ball at the Metropolitan Museum – Met Gala is held. This is one of the most anticipated events for stars and especially for fashion designers who can create incredible outfits for this particular ball. Its guests are the most popular and famous people in the world. To the costume, celebrities come up with incredible fantasy. Their clothes are created by the greatest designers in the world, but this does not always guarantee a good result. Some stars exaggerate their efforts. We will consider the rather contradictory and fun costumes of the Met Gala 2018. By the way, the main theme of the dress code was announced: “Divine bodies: fashion and Catholic imagination,” but it seems that some have not been told this.

Katy Perry’s look was more like a Halloween costume. She chose a golden dress with a chain mail, bigger than her body wings and golden boots.


It seemed like someone was joking over Solange Knowles, perhaps a joke before April 1. Her ball costume was more like a kind of alien creature. It looked horrible and funny at the same time.


Some stars choose very funny outfits not only for social events but also for their everyday life. For example, Rita Ora chose either a lizard or a snake suit.


Kim Kardashian at times loves pretty funny clothes. Once the star dressed up in a weird dress with a print of money bills and boots on heels with the same pattern.


American actress Victoria Rowell decided to appear in a very unusual dress on a red carpet. There was Barack Obama’s photo on it. And the style was like Victoria was just wrapped in a piece of fabric.


Lady Gaga seems to be the leader of the funniest outfits. It is hard to choose only one look. We will show two of her funny outfits, but in fact, they are much more.

A comfortable costume for the star, Lady Gaga could let another girl being dressed up and stay at home.


Nicki Minaj is also a fan of extravagant dresses and they can be counted almost infinitely. But today we focus on one. It’s hard to find the right words while describing Nicki’s MTV Music Awards outfit. The pink colour and a lot of shades of it became the main colour of her look. Instead of a bag, the star chose a soft toy of curious shape.

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