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TOP-7 most fashionable types of sunglasses

In the summer, you just can’t do without sunglasses, so the popularity of this accessory is quite clear and obvious. However, in addition to a purely utilitarian function, fashionable sunglasses are also a stylish accessory. In the summer of 2020, it is also very extravagant. What models will be relevant this season? See our new selection.

Aviator sunglasses

The great news: in 2020, we will return to classic forms. At the spring catwalk shows, the models repeatedly appeared in traditional “aviator sunglasses”.If you do not like to experiment, wear brown or translucent, and you will be in trend. Choose sunglasses in the legendary version of “Ray-Ban” for a fashionable look.

Some think that such a model can only be combined with denim or leather clothing. And in vain! Wear it with light floral dresses or knitted suits.

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Square oversize

Fascinated by geometry, Prada, Dior, Etro have created many oversized models, based on a square. But do not stop there: slightly rounded or, conversely, trimmed corners, bend or “break” of one side of the frame – all this was painted in bright colours and decorated with metal details.

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Sunglasses without frames

Remember the translucent coloured models without frames – they come back. Bet on fashionable oversize sunglasses or models for vision correction, decorated with rhinestones or metal inserts. The most fashionable frame in 2020 is the one that doesn’t exist at all. Usually, such models have several advantages. For example, they are very light and go well with “complex” face shapes such as round or square.

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Remember the geometry classes, on which only the botanist was not bored. It seemed impossible for us to remember all the sines, arctangents and names of figures. But now this knowledge will become an ace up your sleeve. Designers offer to experiment with geometric shapes to the fullest. The more angles in your spectacle frame, the more stylish you will look.

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Wayfarer sunglasses

This is the most fashionable shape, close to a square. Wayfarer looks stylish and aristocratic. Not surprisingly, Hollywood stars choose this model. Wayfarer sunglasses compete with aviators in popularity.

This trend is suitable for any type of person, you only need to understand the nuances. Clumsy classics for round faces, smooth corners of the frame for owners of a square face. 

Consider how famous designers see wayfarer sunglasses. Sacai emphasizes the pointed outer corners. The glasses resemble the wings of butterflies. For Coach, the frame and lenses look a whole. Bottega Veneta yellow lenses become that bright accent that does not go unnoticed.

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Elongated oval

Narrow oval glasses – as if from the 90’s – continued the theme of elongated horizontal shapes. Fashionable frames of such models differ in refinement and, as a rule, they are made of metal. Want to add charm to your look? Then choose sunglasses with coloured lenses! Similar models are presented by Rokh, Self-Portrait and Area.

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Glasses with double lenses

One pair of lenses is not enough for fashionable sunglasses – this is what famous designers, including Dolce & Gabbana and Chloé, believe. One lens is located in front of another, they differ in shape and shade. The rear lens must be larger than the front so that it is visible.

It turns out an interesting combination. Dolce & Gabbana has a square plus a circle, while Chloé has two triangles that differ in shape and colour. The eyes receive double protection. However, here you need to keep a balance because the lack of sunlight is as negative to the eyes as the excess.

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