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TOP autumn-winter 2020 fashion anti-trends

We have already told what is relevant in the fashion autumn-winter 2020-2021 season. It’s time to talk about clothing and footwear anti-trends. Take a look in your closet and, maybe, you’ll find things to get rid of right now and forget about them forever. Thus, the TOP fashion anti-trends of autumn-winter 2020.

Fitted cardigan

Feel free to give up all fitted cardigans made of thin fabric, which were fashionable a few years ago. Cardigans do not lose their relevance. However, the style has changed, so you need to get rid of those that completely fit the body.

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Ripped jeans

Jeans with holes on the knees or even along the entire length have become an anti-trend in the spring. Though, most of us still regret throwing away such a favourite thing and continue to wear it.

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Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are a trend of the last season, which has finally outlived its usefulness and is preparing to disappear. Let the last warm days be adorned with free-cut denim shorts. They, by the way, fit everyone.

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Fitted leather jacket

Probably everyone had (or even has) such a jacket. We advise you to put it on the farthest shelf in the wardrobe or get rid of it altogether. Besides, it is just inconvenient because a tight-fitting jacket is restricting movement. Choose oversized models.

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Peasant sleeves

It is a clear anti-trend for fall sweaters. It looks elegant, beautiful and feminine, but out of trend. 

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Lace and guipure

Dresses and blouses made of guipure or lace went out of fashion. Airy silky textures replaced them. Also, forget about sweaters with lace sewn at the bottom until better times. Replace it with simple sweaters without a collar.

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Ugg boots

Many people love ugg boots because you feel comfortable, like wearing slippers. However, a completely flat sole is no good for health. Besides, such footwear is out of fashion.

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Wedge sneakers

Bulky, bright wedge sneakers are a one-hundred-per cent anti-trend this fall. Such shoes are not only unfashionable but also impractical and hardly comfortable. 

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Quilted jacket

You will have to give up thin quilted jackets this fall, with which many fashionistas fell in love. They are too simple for the refined look of an elegant stylish lady. 

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