TOP trendy haircuts and hairstyles for winter 2021

The best way to change your appearance is to make a new haircut or style your hair differently than usual. The main criterion for the hairstyle to emphasize the charms of your appearance. In our article, GoBeauty will tell about the trendy hairstyles of the winter 2021 season.

Exciting 20s

The winter season breathes in the rhythm of the jazz era: if you were planning to reread The Great Gatsby, you have a great reason to finally do it. At the same time, don’t forget to watch a film with Leonardo DiCaprio: the style of hairstyles of the 20s is just in trend, so learn to do curls at the forehead – the more elegant, the better.

For those who always choose in favour of a quick hairstyle: take note of the side parting and lay the curls so that most of the forehead was covered with hair. 

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Another haircut that is at the peak of popularity for several decades. And the winter season 2021 is no exception! But keep in mind that the name and essence of the cascade remained the same, but visually it has changed. The modern cascade hairstyle is not strictly symmetrical and even slightly careless. 

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Shaggy haircut

The shaggy haircut combines two main winter 2021 trends: nostalgia for 1970 and the trend of negligence. 

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Among the short haircuts, the best is an unfading pixie. Distinctive features are short locks in front and behind with a three-dimensional mound on the top. 

The pixie boom continues to this day. Its advantage is that the possibilities vary depending on the styling. It can be a laconic hairstyle for the office or a mischievous pixie with dishevelled tips for a party. It visually rejuvenates. And that’s why it is so loved by women of elegant age. Pixie with thinning will suit thin hair. 

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Never dared to make a fringe, but have long wanted? The new season opens a wide field for experiments in this direction. The most fashionable bangs of winter 2021:

  • Torn – a trend for rebels. The advantage of a torn bangs is that it looks stylish regardless of height, head oval and other parameters. Universal, but still risky.
  • Super-mini – in the winter season of 2021 there is one unspoken rule: the shorter, the better. This trend is for fans of exotics and owners of expressive facial features.
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