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Trendy colours for spring 2021, according to Pantone

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute selects the colour of the year, analyzing design, marketing, fashion and other cultural and social trends. The colour of the year reflects the mood of society, its values and desires. In the new 2021, Panton chose two shades of the year at once – calm Ultimate Gray and Illuminating lemon. Shades symbolize strength and hope, resilience and inspiration. Combinations of these two tones have been repeatedly noticed on fashion influencers. The grey Levi’s 501 cropped jeans and Gap lemon sweater with a rough knit combination looks stylish. The outfit is fresh and bright.

The two shades of the season

According to Pantone, Illuminating is associated with optimism and cheerfulness. And Ultimate Gray evokes a “feeling of coolness, resilience and stability”. Panton emphasizes that he considers these two shades as a single pair, hinting at the importance of solidarity in the coming year.

Combine Illuminating not only in a duet with Ultimate Gray but also with contrasting Cerulean, French Blue, Amethyst Orchid and Mint shades of a fashionable palette of spring-summer 2021. 

However, choosing the Ultimate Gray is a bit trickier. Although it was chosen for its durability and reliability, it is the colour of the stone and the classic neutral hue in the wardrobe. According to a Jonauskaite study, grey is associated with negative moods such as sadness, fear and frustration. Due to the pandemic and economic instability, this choice is not unfounded.

But Panton believes that Ultimate Gray is a medium shade. It is not “heavy” but more versatile.

A few more fashionable shades


A cosy, sunny yellow-orange Marigold shade is present in the fashionable colour palette of both New York and London. This golden-orange colour is a warming shade with a soothing feature, according to Pantone.

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It is a gentle and carefree blue shade of crystal clear sky. Of all the Pantone colours of the spring of 2021, Cerulean is by far the most soothing.

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Luxurious warm brown colour brings a warm contrast to the summer palette. Even Pantone admits that this earthy shade “symbolizes autumn leaves, uncharacteristic of the spring palette”.

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Green Ash

Pastel green colour soothes and refreshes. Green Ash of the New York palette is similar to London Beach Glass. However, it is a little warmer and greener, with a hint of mint.

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