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Trendy pantsuits for autumn-winter 2020

2020 is a year of contrasts, crazy events, changes and rethinking. Coronavirus has made its adjustments in all spheres of life. Fashion is no exception. Among the trends are many contrasts, unexpected solutions, cosy models, practical and beautiful. But pantsuits are still popular. You will find a selection of the most fashionable and stylish variants in a new article.

Checkered pantsuits

With checkered ornaments, there are fashionable business and street style suits. The trendiest hues are grey, coffee, blue, white, black, navy.

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Three-piece suit

Another popular option that will be relevant in the 2020-2021 season is a three-piece suit. It combines pants, jacket and vest, selected by colour or fabric. It has preserved the rigour of the male model. 

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White pantsuits

The white suit will be a profitable investment this fall. You can wear it to the office and for a walk with a friend or even on a date. Complement the pantsuit with a white T-shirt, vest and ankle boots. If you want to add an accent, prefer a black purse and glasses. 

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Bright colours

Another hit of any season is classic bright pantsuit. It will help attract attention at any large-scale event. 

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Black and white geometric ornament is known since ancient times. The print became fashionable thanks to Coco Chanel – she was not afraid to use a mottled pattern, creating whole ensembles. After Chanel, other world designers picked up this idea.

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Pantsuits with men’s cut

Women always borrow something interesting about men’s fashion, and suits are no exception. 

Women’s free-cut suits allow a lady to look non-trivial, elegant, confident.

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