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Trendy shades of 2019

Each year, PANTONE shares with us a selection of fashionable shades of the coming season, and this year was no exception. Designers are already showing us their models in actual colours, and soon the trendy rainbow will appear on the streets. It’s time to find out what shades will be at the peak of popularity!


The first shade that was added into the list of top 12. Simply, the Fiesta is a red-orange colour. It is bright, juicy and life-affirming. No wonder it got this name – it looks really festive.

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Jester Red 

Another shade of red, but cooler and not so flashy. The deep and rich Jester Red will fit perfectly into any wardrobe and bring elegance to outfit.

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This shade has collected all the solar heat and energy. Lively, rich and delicious, it will give your look the same spicy touch.

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Pink Peacock

Featured in 2018, Pink Peacock is back on the pedestal again. Even a small detail in this shade will capture the views of others, and total-look in such a colour will cause a real furore.

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Pepper Stem

This colour in the fashion palette is reminiscent of natural beauty. A calm and noble shade, it is specially created to emphasize restraint and naturalness.

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Aspen Gold

Allegedly, the spring sun peeked out from behind the clouds and charged all the positive energy – such is it, the Aspen Gold hue. This colour will give your look a freshness and a good mood.

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Princess Blue

Blue is always present in the fashion palette. This time at the peak of popularity is Princess Blue shade. Cold saturated blue can rightly be considered a hue of kings.

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Another deep and natural shade in the trend mix. With Toffee, the outfit will be gentle and at the same time very saturated, like the taste of all your favourite candy.

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Mango Mojito

Agree, the name sounds very tasty. This is another shade of yellow in the PANTONE palette, created specifically for a fresh and playful look.

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Terrarium Moss

We are not used to seeing such a shade of green in spring and summer collections, but this year everything has changed. Looking at Terrarium Moss, you remember the beautiful nature of the tropics.

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How do you like the 2019 trendy colours collection?

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