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Trendy toffee nails

Chocolate, caramel or light honey – this year all shades of brown are relevant not only on the hair but also on the nails. We tell you what toffee nails are and how to make it.

Gentle nail trend of autumn

This trend was born at the beginning of the year and in just a few months won the hearts of real fashionistas and celebrities. It was authored by American manicurist Tom Bachik. Among his star clients are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie.

Bachik suggested painting his fingernails in different shades of brown, from milk to coffee. As a result, you should get something like the famous toffees. It looks fresh and at the same time adds cosiness and warmth. The trend of 2020 will fit perfectly into any look, as it is quite neutral.

It is not necessary to have long nails to make toffee manicure look attractive. It is suitable for women even with the shortest nails. Many beauties who have already tried a fashionable manicure, shared photos and impressions on Instagram. They are delighted that simplicity can be so stylish. By the way, the trend is named after a delicious sweet product. Appropriate shades adorn fragile hands. You can also add golden accessories on your fingers to enhance the effect of an elegant manicure.

Implementation options

The classic variation of toffee nails is the manicure including five different shades of brown varnish. From dark chocolate to warm melted milk colour. It’s as if you’re telling the story of a legendary dessert with your nail design. Disassemble the sweetness into ingredients and you will understand exactly what hues you need to use. Our advice is to choose shades that will differ only within one or two colours. So, the manicure will seem more “smooth”, and the gradient will be gentle and heavy.

The matte or glossy finish is the key issue of the autumn season 2020. Of course, the shiny texture looks much more glamorous and bright. We like both options, so choose the scheme only according to your preferences.

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