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Urban Decay is launching a ‘Game of Thrones’ makeup collection

The show that took the world by storm is now giving our beauty bags a strong touch, and we’re so ready.

photo credit: Urban Decay

Including everything from a pop-up iron throne eyeshadow palette worthy of any leader of Westeros, a dragon egg-embossed highlighter trio, and lipsticks branded with character appropriate house sigils, it’s the satisfyingly extra collection we were hoping for.

The collection will be available globally online on 14th April – the exact same day that Game of Thrones season 8 will air. This is the best day ever!

Whether you are supporting the Starks or in love with the Lannisters – one thing that all fans can agree on is that this collection is going to serve up some gorgeous makeup looks.

photo credit: Urban Decay
photo credit: Urban Decay

And now, thanks to legendary beauty brand Urban Decay, you can match your makeup to your Game of Thrones character of choice.

photo credit: Urban Decay
photo credit: Urban Decay
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