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Victoria Beckham’s 5 beauty secrets that help to look ten years younger

At first glance, you might think that Victoria Beckham has the perfect genes. Victoria has an impeccably slim figure, good hair, and almost no wrinkles. However, the point is not in it, but in the discipline, which Beckham strictly adheres to every day.

Here are the secrets that help a 45-year-old star look 35. By the way, all of them are quite applicable to the life of ordinary girls!

Regular facial massage

A simple and proven procedure that helps remove puffiness, keep the skin toned and smooth wrinkles. Vicki does massage regularly, once a week.

The use of natural oils in body care

Beckham’s favourite recipe, which allows making skin soft, is coconut oil mixed with Weleda Skinfood nourishing cream, which consists mainly of natural ingredients.

Face skin moisturizing

Moisturizing, according to Beckham, is one of the most important points in the question of youth preservation. Accordingly, it is moisturizing serums, creams and fluids in the beauty arsenal of celebrity that is most.

Patches are part of the daily routine

Victoria does not spend a single morning without eye patches. The star prefers patches with retinol and hyaluronic acid, although she will not refuse the Korean beauty product, because they also soothe, refresh and help cope with swelling.

Skin nutrition not only outside

Victoria’s body works like a Swiss watch mechanism, and correctly selected dietary supplements and the nutrition itself help it in this! The star considers unsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, to be the main source of youth.

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