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We are in a hurry to tell you about the main news in the beauty and fashion industries.

It is worth starting with the news that Jimmy Choo created a debut collection of cosmetics.

The popular brand of footwear has announced the launch of its first beauty line. It includes lipsticks in 10 shades, 8 colours of nail polishes and 6 new perfumes.

photo credit: 23-59.ua

The lipsticks are enclosed in gold cases, decorated with spheres, and the nail polishes are sold in glass multifaceted bottles. Also included in the line are perfumes I Want Oud and Amber Kiss.

photo credit: 23-59.ua

photo credit: 23-59.ua

Continuing the beauty theme, it is impossible to miss a new trend in skincare. We mean cloud skin trend.

Asian trendsetters have found a new way to look flawless. Excessive radiance and skin moisture, which have been propagated by previous trends, annoyed beauty experts. Now they still insist that beautiful skin is healthy and fresh skin. Unlike glass skin, cloud skin offers a matte soft finish with smoothing of all pores and bumps and no gloss.

Interestingly, the trend name has several meanings. For example, an association with a clean, opaque but soft and multilayered cloud texture. Or that the skin looks as tanned when no flaws are visible, like on a foggy cloudy day.

Cloud skin is a complex of proper care and a certain makeup, and one is not possible without the other. A separate step is the use of sunscreen — cloud skin provides clear skin without tanning and pigmentation. In makeup, the key step is to use transparent powder. It adds the right softness and fluffiness, like the clouds in the sky. Particularly you need to work the areas around the eyes and on the wings of the nose, walk slightly along the jawline, and then apply the powder on the forehead.

Lastly, share with you the news about Vogue Italia.

The cover of the March issue of Vogue Italia was adorned with a model created using digital technology. To do this, the creators have arranged the appearance of 8 other virtual models.

The cover girl was Ida, and no real prototypes were used to create her. The cover stylist was Lotta Volkova.

The decision was prompted by a coronavirus outbreak that left the streets of Milan empty.

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