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What is biohacking? Best methods to improve wellness

What is biohacking? We hear the “bio” part, and a picture of wavy hair is instantly pulled into the head. But, it is far from the truth. Biohacking is a systematic approach to human biology, body improvement and health promotion. It is all about improving the quality of life through advanced nutrition, sleep patterns, exercise, psychotherapy, and more.

What is the essence of biohacking?

It is not a story about a huge amount of dietary supplements and vitamins. But these are stories about love for yourself and your body in all forms – good sleep, balanced nutrition, rational physical activity, and conscious body care.

The approach is based on diagnostics: laboratory, functional and others. The method consists of two main stages:

Consultation and diagnostics.

It includes: conducting several basic tests, as well as tests for the presence of vitamins in the body, DNA analysis, selection of a conscious diet, drawing up a dosed schedule of physical activity. Also, it is accustoming the body to rest, normalization of sleep, activation of thinking, correction of emotional reactions to stressful situations, improvement of the general emotional state. All this is done with great care, without driving the body into stress.

Re-diagnosis, consultation and treatment correction.

Everyone can use some safe methods to improve their well-being:


Unquestionably every person needs it to relax, reduce anxiety and correct breathing. There are many apps to help both novice and experienced users immerse themselves in mindfulness through meditation.


Turn off all gadgets an hour and a half before bedtime, take a walk, ventilate a room, turn on soothing music, focus on your breathing to forget about all the problems of the day. Everyone is looking for the most optimal way to improve sleep.

Proper nutrition

It is important to avoid extremes. Healthy eating has been the subject of many articles, thousands of studies, and advertisements. The main thing is to pull yourself together and walk, crawl or lie in the direction of the goal on the road of healthy eating.

Physical exercise

There are smart devices that count the number of steps we take in a day, reminding us that we have not been involved in sports for a long time. Sports = health. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Be healthy, keep your spirit young and emotionally calm in all situations.

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