With his eyes: what kind of stylish makeup men like

Most often girls apply stylish makeup to look more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. GoBeauty decided to figure out what makeup men like. See the results in our material.


For many men, smoky eyes are incredibly enticing. Dark shadows on the eyes make the girls mysterious. So this variant of evening makeup will surely captivate your loved one. Besides, men are alerted by girls who admire makeup of bright, daring shades. In order not to scare away your satellite, we recommend that you refuse experiments with bright red, yellow, emerald, turquoise, blue and purple shadows – it is better to opt for a natural palette in light brown, pale pink, peach hues. Also, give preference to classic sleek black eye wings. Men say this detail makes the woman’s face more attractive.


If the deep and appropriate red lips are okay, then the aggressive crimson, flashy pink and other excessively bright lipstick shades can cause men a real panic attack. They do not like the noticeably pencilled lips (especially if the colour contrasts with lipstick) and sticky glosses, especially with glitter. 

In other words, red lipstick can be left for special occasions, and in the rest of the time, it is better to prefer a quiet shade. For example, watercolour pink, light cherry, pastel brown, etc. Also, men like the colourless lipgloss that invigorates the natural colour of the lips.


No matter how good the makeup is, badly arranged eyebrows can ruin everything. The wide, careless eyebrows, roughly lined with a dark pencil, look just as silly as the “thin threads”. It is enough, without darkening the basics, to emphasize the natural bending of the eyebrows, to highlight the “tail” with shadows or a pencil on one ton of darker natural hair colour and to fix the result with a transparent gel.

General appearance

The first and foremost thing that men value is the neat appearance of a woman. Makeup should be done very carefully: no spots, uneven eye wings and lumps of mascara on the eyelashes. In general, strong sex unanimously prefers the most natural nude makeup – soft, restrained and at the same time emphasizing natural beauty and expressiveness. 

Besides, most men claim that their girlfriends look best without cosmetics. Of course, any woman can argue with this. But it is still better to apply makeup in such a way that it was as seamless as possible. This does not mean that you have to say goodbye to rich colours. There are times when bright stylish makeup is quite appropriate, and in such cases, we assure you, men will not protest either.

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